DNA Synthesis and Purification

Oligonucleotide Synthesis Highlights:

  • Oligos are synthesized and purified in our lab
  • Turnaround time is usually the next day for crude oligos – depending on when the sequence is received
  • HPLC purification is available
  • We can help you design your primers at no charge but the oligos must be made in our lab.
  • Oligo orders delivered with a template for sequencing will go straight into our sequencing pipeline as soon as they are ready
  • Unique bases can be used (see the website for Glen Research)

Synthesis scales and Cost:

ScalePrice per BaseApproximate Purified Yield
50 nmol$0.60NOT AVAILABLE
0.2 umol$1.10200-500 ug
1.0 umol$5.001-2 mg
10 umol$24.0010 mg

Degenerate Base List: (3' degeneracy would need a special column)

UPAC nucleotide codeBase
RA or G
YC or T
SG or C
WA or T
KG or T
MA or C
BC or G or T
DA or G or T
HA or C or T
VA or C or G
Nany base


Please feel free to contact us: Lab: (410) 955-2739 | e-mail: syn_seq@jhmi.edu