In addition to primary faculty, the department of biological chemistry is comprised of faculty from various departments throughout Johns Hopkins. Faculty who hold a secondary appointment in the department add yet another layer to the intellectual environment, scientifically and socially. Together, we continue to make significant contributions to our success. The inclusion of secondary faculty into our department further illustrates our commitment to diversity of scientific approach and the broad interest at Ho pkins in our departmental endeavors.


Directs the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute: lab studies in Baltimore and field work in Africa

Peter Devreotes photo300X250

Genetic analysis of chemotaxis eukaryotic cells


Molecular mapping, Biochemistry, Regulation of tumor cells, Thrombosis, Hemostasis

Cancer metabolism, novel metabolic cancer treatment targets, molecular and metabolic imaging of cancer. Director of the Johns Hopkins Applied Imaging Mass Spectrometry (AIMS) Core Facility


Regulation of Neurotransmitter Receptors and Brain Function in Health and Disease


Synthetic cell biology: total synthesis of cellular functions such as neutrophil chemotaxis and ciliary mechano-sensation


Transcriptional regulation via lipid-activated transcription factors


Regulatory interactions between lipid metabolism and cell growth


Molecular mechanisms of diabetes and obesity; microRNA function in cellular energy homeostasis


Molecular mechanisms of oxygen homeostasis; Gene and stem cell therapy for ischemic cardiovascular disease; Role of HIF-1 in cancer; Protection of the heart against ischemia-reperfusion injury

Rui Zhou, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

Regulation and function of non-coding RNAs; host-pathogen interaction; neuro-development