Peptide Synthesis and Purification

Instrumentation consists of an Aapptec Focus Synthesizer. The synthesis is run utilizing Fmoc chemistry.   Purification is performed by Reverse-phase HPLC.  Molecular weights are checked by Maldi TOF.  All peptides made in the facility are for research purposes only. 

The Aapptec Focus Synthesizer allows me to synthesize multiple peptides at once. 

Also for those of you that only need a few mgs of peptide, we are offering some "ready-made and purified" peptides.  The cost per mg is much lower than what you will find outside.  Please click on the following link for a list of peptides that are available.

Ready-Made Peptide List Ready-made Peptide Table.docx

If you need a lot of peptide, it is cheaper to get a custom synthesis done.  Also, if you have suggestions for peptides that we should stock, please send Jodie an email at  Thanks.

Synthesis Scale
0.1 mm (100 umol) Set up $45.00 ~100 mg Crude*
$20/amino Acid  ~5-20+ mg Pure
0.25 mmol (250 umol) Set up $64.00 ~150 mg Crude*
up to 8 amino acids $25.00/amino acid  ​~10-50 mg Pure
0.25 mmol (250 umol) Set up $85.00 ~150-300 mg Crude*
8+ amino acids $34.00/amino acid ~10-50 mg Pure
Load up to 50 mg Crude $150.00
Load 50-150 mg crude $200.00

*Actual Crude amounts will depend on the peptide length

Peptide purity is routinely in the 90%+ range

For the 0.25 mmol scale synthesis I will purify 150 mg of crude peptide and give you the remaining.  You can bring this back at a later date if you need more of the peptide purified.  Purification costs will apply.  

Set up fees consist of weighing out the amino acids, dissolving them in NMP, cleavage reagents and technical time.

Peptide Modifications:

There are many modifications available including, phosphorylated amino acids, N-terminal acetylation, N-terminal biotinylation, N-terminal myristolation, and N-terminal flourescent dyes. Please inquire about pricing. For any other unusual modifications, please see Jodie.

Acetylation of N-terminus - No charge

Biotinylation of N-terminus - $30.00

Myristylation of N-terminus - $30.00

FITC + Linker (Ahx) - $100 + $20

Ahx Linker - $30.00

Phos-Serine - $100

Phos-Tyrosine - $75

Phos-Threonine - $100


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