DNA Synthesis and Purification

The Synthesis and Sequencing Facility uses five 394 DNA synthesizers. We offer synthesis in four scales at the following rates:

Price per Base
Approximate Purified Yield
50 nmol
0.2 umol
200-500 ug
1.0 umol
1-2 mg
10 umol
10 mg

Turnaround time is usually the next day for crude oligos. Oligos that need HPLC purification will take 2 days normally.  Longer oligos that require trityl-on purifications may take longer so please inquire when dropping these orders off. 

Oligo orders delivered with a template will be cycle sequenced and subsequently loaded on our automated DNA sequencer as soon as the oligo is ready.

Please feel free to contact us: Lab: (410) 955-2739 | Fax: (410) 614-7566 | e-mail: syn_seq@jhmi.edu

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