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Selected Research Area: Human Disease

Recent discoveries have lead to the identification of many genetic, metabolic, and cellular processes essential for “normal” unaffected human development and the prevention of disease.  These discoveries have charged the scientific community to begin to understand the molecular, cellular and physiological underpinnings of human disease.  Combing modern technology with traditional approaches to basic scientific questions our department focuses on some of the most important areas of disease biology affecting the human condition today.

Michael Caterina photo
TRP channel function in thermosensation, pain, and inflammation

Ryuya Fukunaga photo
Mechanism and biology of small silencing RNAs

Erin Goley photo
Bacterial cell biology: cytoskeletal function during growth and division

Seth Margolis photo
Molecular Mechanisms of Synapse Formation in Development and Disease

Mollie K. Meffert photo
The Regulation of Neuronal Gene Expression in Health and Disease

Tamara O'Connor photo
Molecular dissection of host-pathogen interactions and the evolution of virulence strategies in natural reservoirs

Peter Pedersen photo
Cell energetics, its molecular and chemical basis and relationship to both disease and to the discovery of new therapies.

Joel L. Pomerantz photo
Functional Specificity and Design of Signal Transduction Pathways

Natasha Zachara photo
O-GlcNAc, A Novel Regulator of the Cellular Stress Response and Cell Surival.

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