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Selected Research Area: Gene Regulation

The coordinated regulation of genes is vital to numerous processes including cellular activation, growth and differentiation. Members of our department are investigating genome regulation by a variety of approaches that include transcriptome and epigenome analyses using next generation sequencing, single cell/molecule microscopy and genetic perturbation. By combining cutting-edge technologies with more traditional approaches these studies are providing insights into genome regulation in normal cells and its dysregulation in disease.

Ryuya Fukunaga photo
Mechanism and biology of small silencing RNAs

Mollie K. Meffert photo
The Regulation of Neuronal Gene Expression in Health and Disease

Joel L. Pomerantz photo
Functional Specificity and Design of Signal Transduction Pathways

Karen Reddy photo
Understanding how the nuclear periphery and other subcompartments contribute to general nuclear architecture and to specific gene regulation

Michael Wolfgang photo
Cellular and organismal metabolism

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