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Selected Research Area: Protein Folding and Enzymology

The structure and function of proteins form the very heart of an amazing number of processes/reactions taking place in living cells. Much about proteins remains to be explained: how their structure is determined by amino acid sequence, how enzymes achieve their high specificity and catalytic activity, how proteins of many types are regulated by post-translational modifications. Faculty in Biological Chemistry and their colleagues throughout the Medical School and Homewood campus are working to achieve molecular explanations for these and other phenomenon displayed by this remarkable class of macromolecules.

Robert N. Cole photo
Mass spectrometry strategies to characterize proteins and their modifications in malnutrition, neurological diseases and cancer

Peter Pedersen photo
Cell energetics, its molecular and chemical basis and relationship to both disease and to the discovery of new therapies.

Daniel Raben photo
Structure, function, regulation and interfacial enzymology of lipid metabolizing enzymes involved in signal transduction cascades; biochemistry and chemistry of lipids and lipid metabolizing enzymes involved in signaling cascades.

David Shortle photo
Protein folding; NMR characterization of partially folded proteins; protein structure prediction

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